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Grammar Comparison Techniques [ 2011 ]


Rights: IPR: CWI
DB ID: 19087
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Digital object:No object available in CWI repository
Persistent Identifier:urn:NBN:nl:ui:18-19087 (resolver: http://persistent-identifier.org/ - leads to CWI repository; use
http://persistent-identifier.org/?identifier=urn:nbn:nl:ui:18-19087 to refer to this repository item)
Open Access:No
Type: BibTeX type: unpublished
OAI type: unpublished
CWI Research Group: SEN1
Speaker: Zaytsev, V. (1)
Title: Grammar Comparison Techniques
Type: Occasional presentation
Language: en
Location data:
name:    SERG Research Colloquium
date(s):    5 October
Year: 2011
ORA creation date: 20120125184521
ORA modification date: 20120125184521
Mutation date: 2012-01-25
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